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1Bariatric Room
A specially designed room just for bariatric patients, with specially trained nurses round the clock.
2Bariatric Chair
A chair imported specifically for bariatric patients bearing weights upto 350 kg, to help them sit up (even within 6 hours of surgery) without experiencing the discomfort of an ordinary chair.
3Bariatric Bed
Specifically designed bariatric beds, to bear weights of upto 450 kg. These beds are remote controlled, so that the patient can sit up in bed with back support, and have strong railings by the side for extra support.
4Bariatric Commode
A separate commode for bariatric patients, which can bear weights upto 350 kg.
5Robotic Surgery
The Da Vinci Si robotic system, especially useful in difficult cases such as bariatric surgery for the super obese and revision bariatric surgery.
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